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  1. A quick update post for those who who may be interested. The guitar was returned to L6 who replaced the battery module I think. On return of the guitar it still had the same problem in workbench which was disappointing and starting to make me worry generally about reliability. I spoke with helpful staff at GuitarGuitar and was persuaded to try a replacement model JTV69S, I was assured they they get very few variax returns with few repairs needed. I am happy to say the replacement guitar works flawlessly and I am really pleased with it, just as a strat copy with its own magnetic pickups it sounds very good and the models do sound convincing to me and more importantly make me want to play more and try new things. Cheers Pete
  2. Just for info, after discussions with L6 tech support and trying several suggestions (using a different USB and CAT5 cable/different computer) it appears my JTV is faulty and I am about to return it for a replacement/repair.
  3. Hello all, I am the owner of a new JTV69S in shoreline gold-very happy with it. However I cannot get it to show in Workbench HD, it appears to see the guitar, then starts to load the presets and after the first one it immediately gives the error as shown in the attached picture: One or more presets failed to load from the guitar. (Code 8000000a) Operation timed out. Curiously Workbench also shows it as a JTV59 which it isn't. I am connecting via the the supplied USB interface and both lights are on green, using the latest version of all relevant software. Guitar shows up in L6 Monkey just as "Tyler Variax" and is on the latest V2 HD firmware. Using an i5 iMac with OSX Mavericks loaded 10.9.1. The guitar itself seems to work fine on its own. Any clues? Thanks Pete
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