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  1. Hi guys, My cat decided to use my Spider IV 75W as her scratching post while I was at work today. Anybody got any suggestions for fixing or covering it up? I was just going to use some black duct tape, but if anyone else has ideas, I'd be happy to hear them out. Cheers
  2. Yeah, so I've had my POD HD Desktop for over about 18 months now, and finally getting around to recording with it. But there seems to be a problem. The output that is sent to my audio programs (I've tried Mixcraft, Sonar, and Cubase) is very, very low in volume. I noticed that the volume only increased when I turned the black knob near the SPDIF out jack clockwise. (What is this little knob anyway? I could not find a single mention of this thing's existence anywhere.) All would be fine and dandy, but as this knob reaches the max volume it cuts pops then cuts out all volume. It won't work unless I am touching it. There is absolutely no output unless my finger is against this. Does anyone have any information for me?
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