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  1. @Phil, thanks! It does help, if someone has done it before then it gives me confidence this isn't a bad idea. I hadn't found anything on Google nor this forum about it beforehand. I'll post again if i go ahead with it, regardless as to whether it works or not. Thanks again
  2. Hello everyone, I've been wondering for a good while now as to the possibility of fitting a sustainer (Such as the fernandes sustainer) into a JTV 89. Has anyone had any experience with this? The variax wizardy already takes up a large section of the body and i'm assuming cutting more of it away will detract from the sound - how much i don't know, i'm pretty sure I personally wouldn't hear the difference. It'd be good to hear of any experience on the subect, it's a mod i'd love to have especially on a guitar as versatile as the variax! Cheers Guys!
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