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  1. Is there a way to connect guitar wing to helix without using computer or iPad via bluetooth? or is the only option to get USB host? Thanks!
  2. In my experience, combining more effect will get you close to synth sound. Bit crusher, ring modulated and octaves are the way to go. Tracking is fine. The synth-synth sound in Helix is not good at all, sounds ok, but tracking is less than acceptable, specially on bass. So I ended up with super large pedal board, hosting HOG 2 and Boss y300 along everything else :)
  3. Hello! I´m thinking of going wireless and adding g50 to my rig. My consurn is the latency. I had really good computer based rig, but 8-10ms latency drove me crazy so I went with helix. I would like to know what is the total roundtrip latency of helix, since it is not stated anywhere? Kemper and axe fx should be around 2ms, which is awesome, but when adding g50, that would make it 6ms, which is already plenty. Add another pedal in loop of helix and we are near 10ms? Am I wrong on the subject? Line 6 staff, little help please, I have awesome deal on g50 and would really appreciate your advice.. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I found out that single rack case would suit my needs better than multiple cases-amps and pedalboard, so was thinking of trading my floor unit for rack version if anyone is interested in before puting it up for sale? It is near mint condition. I am from europe. Cheers!
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