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  1. Frac82: The above youtube video actually is somebody working on the combo. He has simply removed the chasey from the amp to work on it ... if you look closely there are only two power tubes showing. So the procedure shown here is actually for the combo amp not the SVMKII 100W head. The setting for the tester will depend on what tester you are using but he explains what type of connectors and what he set his at around 6 minutes into the video. Note: Even though this video is the first generation SV the procedure is the same and the board and test pins are the same.
  2. Thanks amigo figured it out the JJ's sound great
  3. So after doing some research I decided this mod would be too unsafe and could possibly damage the amp. So I decided to get some JJ 6L6GC'sx4 to go ahead and replace all my power tubes since they are such a good price and great tubes. I really do not have the time to take to service tech and have seen and read info about replacing on my own. I am very aware of the lethality of the ampage even when unplugged and off. Let me run this buy some of you that know more than I do to ensure I am doing this right" First I remove, with the amp unplugged and off) the retainers from old tubes and gently remove them. I then (after using cleaner or ensuring pins are clean) place the new tubes and then replace retainers Then set meter to DC and place black connector to center pin and red connector to the corresponding tube over the blue squares that adjust the bias to the corresponding tube. Turn the amp on and wait for standby warmup..then take it out of standby to adjust by making sure meter reads as close to 35mv as you can get. This is a SVMKII HD100 head so I do not know if the process is the same in this regard to adjusting blue sqrs and placement of connectors as one would in the SVMKII1X12. And I guess that is my question before I crack open my head to get to the tubes ... with it being 4 power tubes how will I know which to connect and adjust? I have my plastic screwdriver awaiting a response. :P
  4. I want to swap out the 4X6L6 tubes that come with the amp and replace them with 2xYellow Jacket (short tubes). It's my understanding that since I am only using 2 of the YJS(s for short 4.5') I would need to place them in the 2 center sockets and leave the outer sockets empty. Has anyone ever done this mod and if so is this correct?
  5. Where are you placing the reverb in your chain?
  6. Yep ..I use it all the time it makes a back up original patch ..and the new one can be dragged into the editor and used by the desktop HD. Some patches still don't work right though for some reason but its very rare most convert properly and work. I assume we are referring to the same editor?
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