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  1. Thanks alot. Yes the speaker thing is annoying, but i just got some new headphones so maybe i use'em from time to time. I check into the a/b thing
  2. Thanks Yes i thought about that with the speakers. But will it be harmful in any way? I will use pod hd only for recording inside reaper and use ux2 as main soundcard. Inside reaper you can choose what you want to use.
  3. Ok thanks alot, that clears everything. But if i use the POD HD direct via usb. Do i have to change the settings in playback devices to the pod hd every time i use it? Or can i just leave the ux2 as default device, and then use the pod hd inside reaper, as recording device? That way i have the ux2 as soundcard in windows and the pod hd as recording device inside reaper when i have to record. Will that work? Or is it harmful in any way? Thanks alot
  4. Thanks. But i need it trough the ux2. It will make it easier for me. So i dont have to take my speakers and connect them to the HD every time, i need to record I think it will make it easier for me, so i only have to use one soundcard, and so i dont have to take my speakers and connect'em to the pod hd every time i need to use it. This way i really only have to turn the pod hd on and it will work :) Do i need balanced or unbalanced cables when i connect it to the ux2? And here is a picture. can you guide me trough? Last day i did exactly what you have written i connected the pod hd to the ux2 trough two balanced cables but i couldnt get a sound?
  5. Hi guys so i just got my pod hd bean. I just want to know how to connect it to the ux2? I can see that there are line inputs on the ux2, and i am pretty sure the left/right output from the pod hd should go in on the inputs on the ux2. I tried yesterday with two balanced cables and couldn't make it work in Reaper. Should i use non balanced cables is that the problem? Or is the problem something else. Need help got to make some recordings before a deadline. thanks :)
  6. Yes i think its the same one. It makes backups too. When you write pod hd converter it is the first one thats pop up on Google. I downloaded it from here http://www.jzab.de/content/pod-hd How should you configure? And what does the configuration do? Can you guide/help me with that?
  7. But when i go into my DAW i can choose the pod Hd Asio and it works fine. And my soundcard in playback devises are still my computers own soundcard so i havent choosed pod hd. So i can use my own soundcard for youtube and pc stuff and the pod hd inside reaper or any other daw. Is this fine or should i just make pod hd my main soundcard when i use it?
  8. Thanks. Write Pod hd converter on google. It is a converter that converts pod hd pro pacthes into pod hd desktop and so on. I got another question too. If i use my computers sound card for computer business. And the pod hd as recording only would that work fine. I mean when i go into playback devises i wont set my pod hd as main audio driver. But in my DAW it is set to main driver so i can use one for computer thing and the pod hd as recording driver. Would that work fine?
  9. Hi i just got my pod hd desktop. Question 1 I read that you can use it as an audio interface. How does that exactly work is there a mode inside the pod hd or do you just take out the guitar jack? Question 2. If you use it as an audio interface, can you then use it to practice over guitar pro or a song on youtube and this wont damage the unit? Question 3 Does anyone now if the pod hd converter is safe to use?
  10. Ok so i can use balanced cable? http://line6.com/sup.../80939?tstart=0 In this tread he says they are unbalanced? Or is that only on the pro?
  11. Ok thanks for quick help. Just to get this right. I can use my balanced cables for connecting the pod hd to studio monitors?
  12. My monitors use TRS balanced.But why does it say unbalanced one place and balanced another, whats that all about?
  13. So i was gonna order a pod hd desktop today but i minor problem came up. When you see the pod hd desktop video on line6 website or look at the specs it says [balanced 1/4-inch outputs] for the speakers and stuff. But when you go under compare it says [unalanced 1/4" Outputs] they even made a wrong spelling iguess. So i went to the manual quick guide and here it says [unbalanced outputs - connect 1/4" cables here to send your sound to guitar amplifier, recorder, mixer or pa system] The weird thing is the desktop is for studio why dosent it say studio monitors? The thing is i have KRK rokit6 studio monitors with balanced 1/4 TRS inputs and balanced XLR and one unbalanced RCA that i really dont now what its used for. I used to connect the speakers to my UX2 with balanced 1/4 TRS cables. And i now thats how you connect to most audio interfaces if not all. So does the POD HD desktop have balanced or unbalanced speakers outputs? And if unbalanced which cable do i have to get and will it work well with the studio monitors? I am very confused. Thanks
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