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  1. bullfweet

    Improper update

    ok... never mind. It must be ok
  2. bullfweet

    Improper update

    Yes...sorry, I typed that out wrong. That's what I have too... But, under your effects cats, do you only show 5 effects under mono and stereo ? With a long list of legacy effects ???
  3. bullfweet

    Improper update

    I may have messed up my 2.50 update. During update it says something about updating to Helix edit to 2.51 and making a complete backup from it prior to the 2.50 update. I made a mistake and backed up the unit from the Helix 2.31 editor. Now when I try to reinstall my backup, it says "no compatible files found"... although, all of my presets are still there. In most of my effects in lists mono, like the reverb category, only 5 items show... glitz, gandymede, searchlights, plateaux and doubletank, the same with the stereo cat, only the same 5 items, glitz, gandymede, searchlights, plateaux and doubletank the legacy list under all categories of effects is quite long... Is this how it's supposed to be ??? Are the legacy effects still stereo ? Is this how your's looks ??? If it's messed up, is there a way to correct this ? Mike C
  4. Thanks guys !!! Plenty of good insights here !!! I will use the stock cans at first, get used to the unit, then do some experimenting later on. Like I said, I just got the Helix and updated. So far I’m loving it :) Thanks again, the journey begins !!! Mike C
  5. Hi All, I just got my Helix floor for Christmas. I’m migrating from my old HD-500. During install in my system, During install of the Helix control software I was prompted to install an update from 221 to 230. I followed the instructions and backed up my Helix, then performed the update...after the update, I reinstalled the backup. I’m not seeing any impulse responses listed...have I lost whatever came with the unit ? If there were any they didn’t seem to be reinstalled... Am I missing something here ? I’m not really familiar with the unit yet...but so far, I love what I hear :j Mike C
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