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  1. ... Well... I cleared the cache and then did scan all the vst again, now it works... Not sure why it wasn't seeing the .dll in the first place... Thanks for the help and being very kind to me, guys!
  2. oh yeah, I'm using a x64 reaper.... I'm not running pod farm 2.x since it does not come with the Pod X3 Live.
  3. Well, I copied the .dll from the line 6 folder to the reaper\plugins\vst one. Anyway, I tried to add the line6/pod farm folder path, but it doesn't add anything to the plug-in menu. :( (sorry, thought it would be better to bump the old thread rather than creating a new one. :( )
  4. Yeah, that's why the computer crashes anyway. But I'm ok with it as long as the x3 continues to work properly, and can't do much since the repair center didn't answer I reloaded Reaper, opened the plug-in folder, scanned for plug-in, nothing happens... I uploaded Monkey (pod hd 500x update I think), re-installed the plug-ins for the X3 live & reinstalled the Pod Farm software. I also ran the License Manager - my computer wasn't authorized, now he is, but it doesn't work yet :/ (The POD X3 Live is authorized and states Pod Farm as an authorized software within the pod, too.) Also, I'm running a Windows 7 x64, I thought that may be useful to add... Maybe it isn't compatible? Thanks :)
  5. Mh... Sorry to bump this thread but I think it'll be cleaner than creating a new one ; I found how to solve my problem - I just plugged the USB on a different usb port, and it works like a charm. Though, sometimes it bugs and makes my computer crash (blue screen of death ;_; ), but it happens once per hour and doesn't matter because my pod x3 eventually works. (Also, I wrote a mail to Spain's Line 6 repair center, and I do not have any answer yet, a bit saddening.) With new solutions come new problems, and I might post it on Reaper's forum but I'm not sure wether it comes from PodFarm or Reaper ; Pod Farm.dll isn't recognized as a vst by reaper. Gearbox worked, some other works (LeCto, LeGion, and so on...) but I put Pod Farm.dll in Reaper's VST folder, but it does not work. Is there something I can do? Thanks :)
  6. Thanks a lot! Though I wonder, buying a second-hand X3 Live might be cheaper than sending this one to Spain as the chipping cost must be fairly high... Well, anyway, thanks for the help :)
  7. Using Gearbox, the 1/4 Inch output is set to "Match Studio/Direct", but I'm not sure if it is what you are talking about. Also, I may have been using the wrong words as english is not my first language. (even though that's not the most important, it might be the root of the problem?) If I plug the X3 on, the computer TRIES to use the X3's soundcard to play, for instance, a Youtube noise. I tried to launch a movie, it worked for 1 second and then shutted up. Before I switched computers, it was recognizing X3 as connected, but was letting my computer's soundcard as the primary one. I used the X3 along the ASIO drivers - for instance, I could load a music through my computer speakers and play using headphones plugged in the X3 - using the following chain Attached file shows what happens with the new computer. My Windows is in French, but I just wanted to show how the X3 soundcard was plugged as the primary, letting the computer's (VIA) one to a "slave/passive" mode. Well, I might be a bit confused because of the XP/W7 change...
  8. Hello, I downloaded Monkey - there was an update for the X3 driver. The HTTP403 bug is resolved, but the Reaper-Gearbox problem is still there I don't think my DAW settings are bad as they were working back when I had Windows XP. Here's the audio device settings, if it may help : Audio System : ASIO Asio Driver : Asio pod x3 live X enable imputs : First : 7 ; tone 1 dry Last : 8 ; tone 2 dry (so that I'll be able to reamp with Pod FARM) Output Range : First : 1 ; output 1 Last : 2 ; output 2 X Request sample rate : 48000 Also, when I plug the X3 LIVE on, the computer recognises it as the primary audio system, disabling the sound from my computer headphones. I have to switch it everytime, Is there a "default option" to resolve it up? Thanks again :) Another test : Even though I can't switch tones on gearbox, if I record using the previous audio settings, it works and records the dry imput of the guitar. But I can't listen to the result through the headphones connected to the pod - I have to switch to WaveOut or DirectSound & use the computers' audio system.
  9. Hi, thanks for the answer! I can't run monkey, i downloaded all the drivers from Line6 website. Everytime I try to launch Monkey, I have the http403 error :( Also, my PC is an AMD machine, but the Catalyst software isn't installed - should I try to install it?
  10. Hello there, after switching computer from a 2years old one to a better one, i reinstalled all the software I used ; Reaper, Gearbox, Pod Farm. The problem is that if I try to launch both Reaper & Gearbox (so that I can tweak my tone while recording/playing), I won't be able to use Gearbox. For instance, I loaded a tone, tweaked it a bit, and as soon as Reaper was launching, the tone returned to its first sound. I tried to switch amps or even mute the sound with the "monitor" option on Gearbox, nothing happened. Also, I can use the POD X3 Live to switch inbetween tones. So it seems like launching Reaper is disconnecting my POD from the computer. I tried switching off/on the POD after launching Reaper, we can hear the Gearbox Tone for half a sec then it returns to the unmodified tone. Hardware : Windows 7 4gb RAM 500GO Drive not sure what should I add there. Thanks for the help!
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