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    I know, I know. This isn’t for us who would like to replace our whole rig. But god damn it, this is exactly the form factor and footprint that I’m after. I’m a bass player and was leaning towards the Helix LT, but in my opinion it has too much and is a tad too big. This unit would be perfect for me, if it wasn’t the little detail that it isn’t. Today I’m running a B7K and a Le Bass in series (to get the midi switchability and cab sim). In my twisted mind I’m working on a way to get this without L6 knowing. For me it might be sufficient with the Obsidian 7000 block and an IR. But that would depend on how good the O7K is. I would get the “preampâ€, some FX, IR and full MIDI switchability. This would be a dealbreaker for me. Add a (separate) DI and go direct to FOH/IEM. What I would like L6 to do is realese the Busy One (or some other bass related preamp/amp block) in the next firmware upgrade. I for one would love this and I think this would be a great nod to all us bass players out here.
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