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  1. Might try to check that your cables are not crossed over power supplies and other things that can introduce a signal. Do a close inspection of your power supply cord to and at the relief at the pack. I would say to get a can of DeOxit to clean all your cables and inputs too. Spray it on the 1/4" male connector and insert and remove it 4-5 times to each jack. Do this on your amp as well and the FX loop if you have even if you don't use it. Never spay in the jack as you may short the gear out if it doesn't completly dry. BE SURE YOUR AMP IAND GEAR S POWERED OFF if all else maybe a reflashing the firmware may help.
  2. I was just thinking about my pedal tonight and thought I would drop in and see if there has been any newer Firmware/s added for my M9 pedal. I see the line 6 Monkey keeps updating, but my question is: 1. Should I load the older M9 Firmware Version 2.01.00 Then Version 2.02.00 then the Version 2.04.00 OR Does the latest Version 2.04.00 have all the previous fixes for the pedal?
  3. If it isn't the power supply check the Ribbon cables inside. Use hot glue gun to glue them back so they don't come loose over time. Power supplies for some reason are a real bad design. What ever they use for the outer casing is crap. Hate to say it but my unit has very little gig time and it stays in the house and goes now and then to another room but I noticed that the end that comes out to the pedal side, right at the pack on the relief it breaks the casing exposing the wires. I have tried to remedy this with some liquid rubber just to keep it from exposing and shorting. Line 6 Pay attention, because customers should NOT have to buy new power supply units for defective design flaws. You should allow the customers to trade them in should the company redesign them. It isn't just this company but many headphone cables are the same way. The oils from your hands and day to day use they just crack and break apart under no abusive usage.
  4. Hard to say but if you have a fail in one area it don't hurt to open it up and make sure the ribbon cables didn't come loose. Just use a hot glue gun to reglue if they come loose. Mine did this and little by little my petal functions stopped working then disappeared.. may be why it is intermitent.. You can even take it back to the place you bought if it is under warranty and ask them to open it and check it.
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