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  1. Greetings, I'm using a Pod HD500 and thought I would reach out and see if anybody has tried something similar or has any advice. I am trying to use an electric stringed instrument, it's called a Harpejji, to work with Native Instruments pulse engine software, Signal by Output, running in Kontakt 5 player. I want to use my instrument instead of a keyboard to trigger/play Signal. I have a Mio Midi to USB cable plugged from the Pod to my PC and the Pod USB to my PC. Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, suggestions you might have.
  2. I have a K24 & POD HD500 also.... LOVE them both!! I run the high staright into the POD and the low into my mixer, where I have some affects/control there, then back into the POD via aux. POD to DT50 via XLR. See if this helps: http://line6.com/support/topic/356-2-stereo-paths-1-for-mag-1-for-piezo/
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