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  1. I did a quick search of the forum and didn't find any posts matching up with my problem. During a couple recent gigs I ran into an issue where my sound was intermittently dropping out. Did a lot of changing on the fly to solve the issue but I'm still a little frustrated as to why it's happening. Main rig consists of a few pedals in addition to the FBV3. I run into a wah pedal, talk box, distortion pedal, and tuner, then to the amp. Use the head/amp as a personal monitor, depending on the sound level I need. I have experienced the dropout with both the head only, and the head running mono into the Line 6 cabinet. Once the issue started occurring, I took the foot pedals out of the signal path and ran instrument cable straight to the amp.....still encountered the problem. Problem wasn't patch-specific...it happened with a couple different patches Problem cropped up later in the second set After still experiencing the problem with the instrument cable, I switched to wireless, and that seemed to "cure" it. I have a voltage meter on the end of our multi-tap power cable to make sure we're getting the right voltage.....never dropped below 123V. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Love the amp.....I play mostly covers and need a range of sounds, and the Line 6 fills that need nicely. I would really like to get to the root of this issue. Doesn't happen all the time, but really annoying when it does.
  2. Good point. I should have been more clear in the initial post. My live rig is the 150 2X12 amp (can't imagine running 4X12, it's plenty loud). We have had gigs in smaller rooms where I don't need the power of the 150 and the 75 would be easier to drag around. If I can upload all my 150 patches to the 75 then I'm not starting from scratch. Appreciate the help. Curt
  3. I typically gig with a Spider IV 150 and am looking at potential backup scenarios. 1) buy a Spider IV 75 and upload all my current gig patches to it 2) get an HD500 and backup all my gig patches to that, and bring any one of the other amps I've accumulated through the years. One thing I haven't been able to find easily is whether the patches on an updated Spider IV will "translate" to an HD500. Anyone ever done this? Thanks, Curtis
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