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  1. gsmccoy

    Helix wish list

    I have no requests, but I want to applaud this new update for 2 additions: The 12-string function and the Acoustic Sim are fantastic. These two little gems just saved me having to schlep 2 extra guitars to my gigs. Bravo!
  2. I love the Variax but wish that the Tele bridge pickup sounded more like a Tele. Has anyone done any successful adjustments with Workbench that they would care to share? The irony is, I LIKE the Variax Tele sounds, I just don't think they sound too much like the original. Any suggestions?
  3. Yes. I have tried several, in order to eliminate cable failure. I'm afraid this is a probability.
  4. Been using this guitar without problems for several years. Now suddenly, it will not power up with an external power supply. It works okay with the battery. I have tried two different JTV power supplies (both the switching unit and the DC power units), and I have tried to power it with my old HD500, using the Variax cable. None of these will power the guitar. I am stuck with the battery, which is ok, but having no back-up leaves me vulnerable. I have tried this: I inserted a 1/4" plug into the guitar and turned it on with battery power. Guitar comes on. As soon as I plug the other end of the cable into the JTV power supply, the guitar shuts off. Any suggestions?
  5. Sorry to exasperate you so, but I have been over page 33 several times. This is from the manual (page 34, actually) These values are expressed as percentages, just as I said in the post above. I have successfully assigned the parameter to the pedal. That is not the problem. My problem is I cannot seem to limit the response. No matter what I do, the pedal sweeps from -24 to +24. I want it to sweep only from 0 to -2. I appreciate your attempt to help.
  6. When I move the pedal, the pitch travels from -24 to +24. I does not matter where I set the knobs. The pedal movement changes it all.
  7. The min and max values are percentages, not steps. There is no "-4" value.
  8. I just can't seem to get this. I simply want to use the Pitch Wham like a simple guitar tremolo bar. When I toe the expression pedal, I want the pitch to drop 2 steps, and then return to normal when I heel the pedal. Simple, or so it would seem. I am using the HX Effects unit with a Roland EV-5 exp pedal. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  9. gsmccoy

    Pedal Steel effect

    The B-bender effect is quite easy with a Roland VG-8. Not sure about the VG-88. The GR-55 will NOT do it very well.
  10. Glenn, would you mind posting the details of your patch. I would love to play with this. I am very new to Helix (3 days) and I need some hand-holding. Thanks....
  11. Is it possible to set up a foot switch to turn on one block and simultaneously turn off another block? For example, say I want to use a crunchy overdrive sound (808) sometimes, and a hi gain distortion (Rat) at other times, but NEVER at the same time. Can I set up a footswitch to toggle between the 808 and the Rat? Thanks...
  12. I want to make my stage setup easier and quicker. Power supplies are a barrier to that goal. Please advise me on the feasibility of this idea. I use two floor units: an M13 and a Roland GR 55 guitar synth. Both use 9v power supplies. The M13 seems to draw around 1400 ma, and the Roland draws 700 ma. My idea is to run both off of a 9v/3 amp power supply, daisy-chained. Do you see any problems with this? Also, is it okay to run a 20 or 25 ft cable from the power supply to the units? (I want to have the power supply located near my guitar amp) Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Any suggestions on what effect I might use to simulate the pulsating sound used on songs like "Heart of Glass," "Tuff Enuff," or "Legs"? Thanks....
  14. I am setting up a C6 tuning on the Baritone guitar position. I run through the tuning process and it works fine. I can switch to other tunings, then go back...no problem. But, when I cut off the power to the guitar, either by unplugging it, or by pulling the power supply, I lose the tuning. It seems to save random notes. As long as I maintain power the guitar, I am fine.
  15. Alternate tuning are lost when JTV 69 is unplugged. I have to reset the tuning every time I use the guitar. (I am using the power supply and not three battery. Any ideas about what is causing this?
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