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  1. I removed the screws and it's sucked in there pretty tight. Won't budge. Any advice or tips to help me remove the back panel without scratching or denting the tolex would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. update... So, I did end up buying the the DT25 112 cab and so far I like what I'm hearing with the cab emulations turned ON. Question, so when I turn the cab emulations OFF in DT Edit, does this mean I am getting ZERO cab and mic emulation and ONLY the Digital Preamp and Tube Power to my speaker? Or is there always some residual cab or mic flavor going through this that cannot be turned off or eliminated? The reason I ask is I am thinking about trying out my Scumback in the DT25 112 cab and going cabs OFF.
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. After a couple more days with the DT25, I'm getting it dialed in closer to what I like. I'm finding that cabs ON sounds good with the clean amp sounds and cabs OFF are best with the od and heavy amp sounds. I'll be getting the DT25 112 cab soon and will probably put my Scumback speaker in it.
  4. I just got my DT25 head today. I have already flashed it to 2.0 and started editing using the DTEdit. Cool! Right now, I'm running the DT head alone (no pod hd) into a 1x12 cabinet with a Scumback M75 speaker. This speaker is really special! Think of the best high powered old school greenback... So, I'm finding that, when editing the different cab models, they do add their own bit of flavor to the tone. But, since I'm not using the proprietary DT25 112 cab with the G12H90 speaker, I'm wondering if I should turn the cabs all off and use my speaker or add some flavor? What have been your experiences using different speakers and the cab modeling options on the DT25?
  5. Interesting. I noticed this today too. Digital clipping in the overdriven amps in low power mode. I just upgraded to 2.0 today. Perhaps I'll perform a reflash as well. Do you know if your saved amps were still saved after reflashing?
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