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  1. I'm not a gambling man, but my money has been on sync with summer NAMM which is next week (given they announced at winter NAMM). I'd say Wednesday/Thursday next week to gain some press coverage during the show.
  2. It might be my ears, but I use pitch shift for Eb tuning and it sounds better than 2.60.
  3. I'm really liking it. My DT25 needed a midi cable to remove all the internal modeling (preamp, cab, mic and reverb). I'm using entirely inbuilt modeling from the helix. I've not had a bad tone yet.
  4. I got one from swanflight ​ Cheers Jim
  5. Hi, Just wanted to post this in case anyone else stumbles across the issue. I had an issue with really bad digital clipping in low volume mode. I removed the HD500 from the chain and went straight into the top of the amp, still no luck. The normal volume mode seemed OK, but low not. Anyhow, I read in this forum that the low volume mode is modeled and not done via the same signal path so I thought to upgrade the firmware. I was already on 2.0 (latest), but I went for the reflash anyway. When the amp came back up again, everything was back to normal, so either the program in the flash or some settings had been corrupted. Cheers, Jim
  6. I bought mine from swan flight Jim
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