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  1. The Spider V practice amp work as expected.
  2. For the best FX100 experience using a small Amp/PA system has anyone used the Alto Kick 15 400Watt, or any of the Rolands? http://www.guitarcenter.com/Alto-Kick15-400w-Instrument-Amplifier-PA-109104976-i3044184.gc?source=4TP5ARBG
  3. It sounds like a viable option. I wonder if this pup would work? It's right at $300. Alto TS112A 12" Active 2-Way Speaker
  4. Greetings Amplifi Gurus! I am looking for the best solution with a portable amp that would allow me to stream music through my FX100 with the capability to jam x-small venues with. I would be using the Left Main Out to accomplish this. I have a Solid State budget but would consider a tube under $300. Let me know what has work for you... Thank you in advanced... Kevin
  5. I have the hd500 the hd500x and the amplifi fx100. It is my opinion that the amplifi fx 100 sounds the most natural of the 3. I totally agree with this statement above. I have owned those products and the sound of the FX100 sounds more authentic to me too. I wish that someone could get my Vetta 2 combo amp fixed so that I could play my FX100 through it- It would blow my windows! Back to Firehawk, it looks like a hybrid between the FX100 & HD500X. I need to see & hear several demos before ordering it.
  6. This is exactly what happened to me! The battery wasn't good inside when I went to reinstall the software. It screwed my amp up and left the banks blank. I took it to a reputable tech from Sam Ash and he replaced the soldered battery & made it replacable- snap it/snap out, for future incidents. However, all my banks are still blank! I tried reinstalling with Monkey basically blind folded at this point but to no avail. Any help here from you techs would be greatly appreciated. While some of you guys purchased used for about $450 on this amp, I bought my, Vetta II Combo, brand new for $1775 before taxes. My feeling on this was that Line-6 put out an update that was bad, and everyone that tried it lost the use of their Vetta's. PLEASE HELP!
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