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  1. hallo its a bug in programing the banjo same thing on tricone reso and biscuite reso other models work fine picked on all strings on all frets slow, fast, light, hard without/with different plectrum and with "same touch" sound character change after some picks, it sound lower and banjo sound less banjo and after some picks it change back and so it goes, good, bad ...... write a support ticket to make line6 aware of problem paulsky :wacko:
  2. hi i also change to 11's and to cobalt strings by ernie ball holly makarony, they sound so much better compare to my other ones how they response to every twist, bend, vibrato and different plectrum and of cores picking is excellent its howling wolfs and angels coming out of my guitar strings do make a difference even g string sound good paulsky ps off cores you have to tweak your guitar and equipment …. its a new guitar
  3. yes lefthand friend i posted how i did so start spreading the sound (word) belive me its worth it paul "the fat boy" sky
  4. Hallo Lefthand Players After playing on all jtv guitars and some thinking I got me a jtv89 Why, cause you can play higher up on neck To make it work as a lefthand guitar you have to switch pietzo wires on a small white socket connected to motherboard 2 gray wires from piezomics with 4 small wires on each, black, red, white and yellow On white socket there is 8 small locking flips and under them 8 metal shoes connected to each wire Use a very small flat tool Gently place it between locking flip and metal shoe and bend very carefully, just so much you can pull out wire with metal shoe Switch left black wire with right black wire, switch left red wire with right red wire and so on ….. Insert them, they lock themselves It work to play by turnaround nut, but off cuors you have to make a new If you have power supply from your older varaix, it works with jtv Now you are ready to Rooooock With new workbench HD it sound sooooo gooood PS Open attached file to see it with pictures. PaulSky HOW TO DO RIGHT TO LEFTHAND 01.doc
  5. i cant stop playin its way after midningt my fingers bleeding cant stop playin workbench HD unbeliveballs to play now it sound as i wanna my guitars to sound i got me an jtv89 turned it to a lefhand yes folks its possible ill show you how later paulsky
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