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  1. Never mind. I rebooted my computer and retrieved the USB cable that I came with my POD and it worked. Not sure why but....
  2. Please help my with my connection issue. I have had the POD HD 500 for several years and have been using the edit software with no problems. I just bought the HD 500x and got all of that software updated and installed. Now my old 500 will not connect to the 500 editor. Error message is : Could not connect to POD HD500 This editor requires HD 500 vesion 1.30 or higher Run Line 6 monkey to get the latest firmware for your POD HD 500 When I run Line 6 monkey I have USB Firmware 1.04 which it says is the newest version and it says my flash memory is "unknown" . On my POD under the setup utility I can see that the flash memory is v2.62 but it says the USB firmware is v0.00 I have reinstalled the usb firmware but it didn't work. When I click on the Device Firmware section on the Line 6 monkey and hit update selection I end up getting to POD HD 500 update failed. (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response. Try the update again ..... Any ideas how to fix this?
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    Anyone know if I'd be able to load my patches from my POD HD 500 into the HD 500X? I'd like to have a back up rig. I'd get the X and use my old unit as a backup if I can load it straight but otherwise I'll probably pick up a used HD500 as a backup. I use it live straight to the board and it works fine like that but always pays to have a backup, and I spent way too much time programming to start from scratch. i have a separate patch for each song we do.
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