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  1. janne_oksanen

    Copy tone from My Tones to amp memory bank

    Is there a way to copy a tone from My Tones to the amp memory bank? There should be, right? For example when you do a firmware update it tells you to copy your tones to My Tones so surely there's a way to get them back to the amp memory bank after the update.
  2. janne_oksanen

    AMPLIFi with FBV 1 controller?

    Rowbi made a video where he demonstrates and explains using the Mk II with Amplifi at quite some length. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozWBVYFU8U8
  3. janne_oksanen

    AMPLIFi with FBV 1 controller?

    I haven't done extensive testing yet, but I know I can switch between banks and patches within banks, turn on/off individual effects (comp, stomp, mod, delay, reverb, wah).
  4. janne_oksanen

    AMPLIFi with FBV 1 controller?

    I received my Amplifi 150 today and I can confirm that my FBV Shortboard mk1 works fine with it.
  5. janne_oksanen

    Amplifi v2.1: USB supported in Linux too

    Thank you for posting this information. I do all my recording on Linux using Ardour 3 and I've been looking to upgrade from my PODxt to something newer. I think think I'll go down to the local music store this weekend to try out the Amplifi amps and see which one suits my needs better.