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  1. Emboldened by your suggestions I am right now using the Helix for amp modeling and fuzz and still selecting the rack for delay and mod. Bit by bit I'll cutover. So thanks!
  2. Interesting - I didn't know that - I'm not even sure if I need to use that CC 32.. I'll play a bit tomorrow suitably enlightened. Thanks
  3. I'd like to be able to switch patches during songs from Ableton Live. I have created a separate track for Helix and am happily sending PCs and CCs as required. Trouble is, there is no CC 32 available in Live - it suspiciously jumps over from 31 to 33. I presume I need to send CC 32 - what is 32 used for on Helix?
  4. rzum, I've drawn my schematic and think I see what you are describing :-) I'm going to try it soon. I'll report back. Thanks
  5. Hmm - food for (a lot of) thought ! I'm going to draw a picture :-) Thanks!
  6. This might be a silly question but here goes - we have around 100 worship songs in Ableton which (along with MIDI controlling Pro Presenter, OnSong and Lighting) switches my MIDI controlled effects rack gear in and out automatically for different songs and parts of songs. I have separate Ableton MIDI tracks with clips that send CC and Pgm change etc to the rack gear. Ableton provides the MID tempo for time-based effects. Now, I am loving my Helix and Variax sounds and want to move to them instead of the rack stuff but I'd like to be able to cutover song by song over a period of time. Is there any bright spark here who can see how to take one guitar input and, with a MIDI nudge from Ableton, send it either through a Helix Snapshot or the old Rack, ending up with stereo input to the PA as today. When all songs are on the Helix, discontinue the rack effects and their Ableton MIDI tracks. I am a Helix newbie.
  7. randallp

    Log in issues

    Me too - tried all over the weekend - this is the first success..
  8. Fiddling around at home I have the Helix at desk level but I'd like to be able to control the Looper with my foot. Anyone do that with an expression pedal or switch of some sort?
  9. Cruisin - I like that :-) Variax arrives Saturday - I'll try that - thanks
  10. Thanks. I can see that working from the magnetic Variax jack into the harmony processor (I will certainly be trying that when the Variax arrives). How would I proceed if using the Variax to Helix “ethernet” connection though? How do I hook to the harmony processor then?
  11. 'scuse my dumb question - Helix Newbie here. I've loved having my Line 6 Echo and Mod Pros sync their tempos to Live. Change the song, Echo/Mod Pros change BPM. Now just bought a Helix and am wondering how to achieve this - I have a load of MIDI devices connected to a MIDI hub driven from Ableton. It tells them what patches and tempo etc. I need to keep that working. Is it possible to get Live's tempo over the Mac-Helix USB cable and keep my MIDI devices on the MIDI hub & cables? (I'm planning to replace the Echo/Mod/Filter Pro rack units after I cutover each song to Helix-ing) Thanks for any advice
  12. Hi, newbie here with Variax Standard LE Onyx on the way. I've just bought a Helix and am grinning from ear to ear playing with it. I got sucked into a Variax after seeing it combined with the Helix. I have a question about integrating it and the Helix with a vocal harmony processor which senses what chord a guitar is playing and then basically keeps my singing on pitch. (A *very* good thing with my voice) Has anyone experience using a Variax in this way? The vocal harmony processor manual says a guitar should be plugged into it first before the pass-thru goes into effects processors (so it can detect the right chords from a clean signal). If the Variax is altering the notes, do you know if the harmony processor would be able to work with the processed chord? Hopefully Yours, Patrick SW Florida
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