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  1. Sure, I've found some decent sounding combinations using cabs not documented there. However, once you eliminate the phasing the difference truly is light and day so if I could figure out how to quantify the samples as Bobbo did I'd be happy to work this out for the new cabs myself since it doesn't seem like anyone else has. In the end it is all about what sounds good and it sounds good.
  2. Hi there, first post here. So I'm sure many here are aware of MeAmBobbo's pod guide, http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ . Being fairly new to the pod (I've had a few weeks to make myself comfortable), I have read most of this guide at least once and referenced many sections repeatedly. I've learned a great deal, but being that the guide is clearly pointed at people looking to create metal tones I've had to adjust accordingly. I've also found that I rather like taking dual amp chains and applying compatible cabs and mics (the dual cab technique) and carving out space for each amp/cab to have their strong points emphasized. So this is all great, I'm having a blast, but my favorite amp in there isn't even mentioned in the guide and cab/delay spread sheet ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsSFadRSa9zYdG1kc1J2b1ZvRFVlUVIydXRMVVoyZnc&usp=sharing ) doesn't touch on the PhD, Super O, or Celest cabs, to name a few. I can only assume that these other cabs have potential as well, but I am automatically less keen on using them in dual cab or dual amp/cab chains due to the fact I'm wandering the dark in terms of compatible mics to deal with phasing. Does anyone have any thoughts here? I know Bobbo moved on and the guide seems a few years old so maybe some of these cabs weren't even around back then, I'm too new to know. Perhaps if I knew how to test for compatible combos I could take a crack at it.
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