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  1. Thanks for the tip Jim! I'm not sure if that was it or not as it's still working, but if it acts up again, I'll try another cable and see if that's the issue.
  2. So, weird thing. It magically started working again today. I didn't change anything. As long as it doesn't happen again, I think this is going to be a fun board!
  3. Thank you for the tip! I forgot to mention that I already have the pad off. If I turn the pad on, the most gain I can get from any amp is a light, bluesy breakup.
  4. Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I searched the forum high and low and couldn't find an answer. A little background on me. I have used line 6 products going all the way back to the xt live, and have owned the HD 400, HD 500x, and the HD pro X, so I am quite familiar with the product line and how to get good tones. I also just came from using a Fractal Axe FX 2, so digital modeling is nothing new to me. I just picked up a used Helix today, and it had several great sounding patches from the previous owner. Well, I got to fiddling with it, and while I was playing in the global settings, I think I accidentally turned or clicked something because all of a sudden ALL of the patches sound VERY weak! I wish I could tell you what I did, but my fingers slipped as I was going through the menus, and I have no idea what I touched. I was creating a new patch based on the pv Panama with a mandarin 4x12 cab, and was getting a killer sound with the gain at 3.9. Very full and meaty. Now, I have to crank the gain to 10 and throw a screamer 808 in front just to get a usable amount of gain! This is obviously unacceptable. I have already done a reset using buttons 7 and 8, 9 and 10, and 5 and 6. So basically, this thing should be like a factory fresh Helix as this reset all patches and global settings. Problem is, the gain is still stupid weak! Please help because as it sits, this thing is useless!
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