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  1. Hi, I've been happily using my KB37 with Pod farm 2 (and plastinum presets) for many years and recently picked up a second hand X3 Live for live use. I'm trying to recreate several of the sounds on Pod Farm 2 (Electronic Press Kit for instance) and despite matching all the same amp/cabinet models on the X3 Live with all the same settings, it sounds nothing alike, and lacks a lot of the bite of the Pod Farm preset. I've tried messing around with the settings, EQ etc also but I can't seem to get this sound on my X3 Live, any advice for how I can achieve this or where I might be going wrong?
  2. Hi all, I use a KB37 with Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum and I was wondering are there any hardware only products (ie an effects pedal) by Line 6 that I can use my presets with (without needing to hook it up to a computer) for live use?
  3. Seeing as the KB37 is no longer on the main products page of the Line 6 website and is no longer available from most of the places it previously was in Europe I was wondering has it been discontinued and either way what is the situation with support for this in future?
  4. When I power up my laptop my Kb37 does not work as it should, first of all the "octave select" light never lights up and then when I try to use it with Cubase it tends not to work correctly in these circumstances. However, if I simply unplug the USB from the KB37 and plug it in again everything works as it should. Interestingly, if I restart the computer rather than shut down and power up again, the problem does not occur - it only happens when powered up from being shut down and completely off. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no change. All software and drivers are up to date. I am using my KB37 in conjunction with a new Lenovo laptop running windows 8 64-bit. Any ideas what I should do to stop this from happening?
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