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  1. Hi, I´ve owned a M13 and currently own a M9. I find the simplicity of the platform great for my purposes and loved the possibility of using 4-cable method with the M13, which I really miss with the M9. I was thinking that the M13 has been around for over a decade and was wondering whethr Line 6 has shown any signs of updating the whole platform? It would be great with enhanced pedal modellers like the onees from the Helix platform, or having the possibility of using 4-C method not only with the M13, but also with its smaller siblings. If you check out the market, the only thing somehow close to the M9/M13 is the tc electronics nova system, which acording to reviews, videos aso has higher quality reverbs and delays but is nowhere as easy to use as the M9/M13. Thus, there is an opening in the market for a new M-platform. Nowadays it seems to me like everybody´s going for either kempers, Axe FXs or for Strymons and other high-end pedals.
  2. Hi, I previously had a Tubemeister 36 which I controlled through the M13. You can only do it in latch scene. Just follow the instructions of the M13, choose the scene pedal on the m13 and the amp channel you want to use, and keep the midi button pushed until the light changes on the button, and Voila! Have fun!
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