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  1. I am unable to get a signal from my guitar through Guitar Port. I downloaded most recent drivers from Line 6 Monkey and everything is green but when I open Podfarm 2 there is no signal to the tuner. It is not guitar related and I have had this XT device for many years and is undamaged. Green light comes on and windows 10 says it is working properly. In the top left corner of Podfarm 2 is the signal level and it is blank. When I go to Hardware & Driver settings in driver format it says inactive. I have not found a way to make it active. There is a picture of the device in the window and it says Line 6 audio - Midi devices-3.62 Driver version it also says input source and record sends are configured in the mixer view when podfarm is running. In mixer view the send 1-2 & 3-4 are dull red and usable. However their function does nothing as there is no signal present. The input output that should be lit up if there was a signal is dull gray with no way to activate. I have tried everything I can think of in window 10 to get operational with no success. I have not tried uninstalling all line 6 software and reinstalling. I have nothing to lose as my interface does not work.
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