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  1. Just thought I would report back on this thread... I submitted a support request to Line6 to ask them about this, and after a few days, they finally got back to me and issued me a license for Pod Farm 2. I think it was because I had previously purchased some tone packs. Not sure, but thanks Line6! You guys rock!
  2. True, but the Guitar Port is supported. I've been a software developer for over 25 years, and totally get it. I would expect to pay for an upgrade license, but not $100, which is the same price as a new piece of hardware. Sheesh! By the way, if I thought my guitar port sucked, I would get something new. I don't have a problem upgrading hardware when needed. But my guitar port is exactly what I want... I like it better than the $100 replacement. I use it for practice (no recording), and I have it setup on my desk as my main volume knob for my computer volume. It's a great, simple piece of hardware... one of the best purchases I ever made.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @Gaz_Ham. I hope I don't have to run unsupported, legacy software in compatibility mode on a brand new machine. I hope there's a way I can upgrade to Pod Farm 2... the Guitar Port is 100% supported on that version. From what I can see, you could spend $100 to get a new piece of hardware that includes a Pod Farm license, or you can buy the Pod Farm 2 software for $100. I don't want to throw away my perfectly functional Guitar Port, nor do I want to be extorted into spending $100 for what should be an upgrade license (free or inexpensive).
  4. Thanks for your suggestion phil, but the software page does not give me an option to install Pod Farm on Windows 10.
  5. Hi, I recently got a new Windows 10 machine, and I got my Guitar Port running using the latest drivers and software. POD Farm 2 was the only choice in software available, which is what I installed, and it seemed to work great... for a few days. Now, I'm getting an error saying that POD Farm 2 is not authorized, and it appears I have to purchase it for $100. Honestly, WTF! Do I really have to spend $100 to make my Guitar Port run on Windows 10? Thanks!
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