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  1. They will be expecting trouble after the last few apple updates. This says to contact line6 here. https://line6.com/company/contact/
  2. Have the sample rate/bit depth changed without you knowing?
  3. License manager will recognise any upgrades you have purchased if done so through your account. You might be able to get an equivelant license for podfarm through line6 if you open up a support ticket and explain the situation, I've read of some success on this forum doing that.
  4. Gaz_Ham

    POD studio UX2

    There should be a sticker on the unit with ththe serial number on it.
  5. Gaz_Ham

    Driver for UX2

    Give this a try.
  6. Have you selected the microphone input in the drop down input box? You need tp select thr Scarlett as your output, i think, that will be acting as your sound card.
  7. Good good. For casual users who are barely computer literate like me, the small things still catch me out!
  8. Gaz_Ham


    You can download the drivers from line6.com Log in to your account and head over to the downloads section and select your hardware/software/operating system. You can download line6 monkey which will do all the legwork for you once its set up.
  9. Could it be something as simple as selecting the mic input instead of the instrument input? I still make that mistake occasionally.
  10. The ux is just the audio interface, you can use any amp sim you want, I only got the ux as it came with a podfarm license and im used to using their amplifiers. You can record anyway you want with it. I record the take along with my drum track just plugging in the electric guitar and recording the unamplified signal, then produce the sound i want with podfarm after. You can go about if any way you want to.
  11. Ive had about 12 tracks active with podfarm plug in with no issues. Once you figure out how it all works, its pretty versatile, it will surely be plenty good enough for a beginners needs. I generally record a dry signal and then play with podfarm to get the sound i want, so it is fully tweakable. You can record with just a mic or send your amplifier through the unit ot you would like and just use basic compessor/noise gate functions on that sound or nothing at all. You can indeed use it for existing tracks, I've updatdd old recorded tracks from previous projects with podfarm. I have never experienced latency issuse, and that I've come across on this forum are usually down to issues with their set up/settings. It can be tricky to set up, bit once you have it all sorted, it should be pretty good.
  12. You could always try older drivers or running in windows compatibility mode.
  13. You would need a license and to download line6 license manager from www.line6.com
  14. Gaz_Ham

    KB37 not working with OSX Mojave

    Give this a try, might not work, but worth a go.
  15. Do you hear anything else playing back in cubase? If you're getting a signal, make sure your output settings are correct in cubase. Do you hear playback if you moitor the track?