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  1. If it is bundled, as long as your device is connected and license manager has authorized the device, it should still work, even if another device is selected by your daw
  2. You don't really need monkey, you can download anything you need from line6.com It is convenient, when it works, but not necessary
  3. Can always try the troubleshooting guide, theres usually a solution in there.
  4. Just pointing out the obvious, but have you tried reinstalling the drivers? I've had podfarm just crap out on me randomly, a driver reinstall sorted it out.
  5. And make sure your computer is registered to the account
  6. Obsolete on Catolina. No plans to make a 64 bit version to be compatible. Either move back to an older version or podfarm 2, unfortunately. If you have to buy something, and you are happy with line6, i would try helix native. There will be plenty of support for it in future.
  7. I import the track into my DAW. Then play over it. I guess this isn't much good to you. Perhaps using a Daw you can set inputs 1 and 2 input for your guitar and channels 3 and 4 for line in?
  8. Have you selected the ux for your audio output in your computers settings?
  9. Sounds like you need to download and install the latest 64-bit version
  10. https://line6.com/support/announcement/98-macos-1015-catalina-compatibility/
  11. Download the advanced user guide from line6.com and you will find amp model and cabs and so on. No compiled list of the presets though. i don't recall ever coming across one
  12. Once you have your head around it, it's great. It took me a while to figure it out.
  13. It's possible your sample rate gets changed by something. A quick Google says discord runs at 48k, maybe try that first. When i use podfarm stand-alone, my sample rate changes from what my usual settings are, and i get cracking and popping when recording, I just manually check when theres a problem. I don't know anything about discord, but sample rate could be the issue.
  14. I could only suggest trying a few different drivers. Other than that, hopefully someone more experienced will chime in
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