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  1. My last idea would be to install in compatibility mode with Windows 7. So unless any more experienced members can chime in, it might have to be a support ticket with line6 directly. From what i see, for whatever reason, some just can't get it working on Windows 10. I personally just keep my machine Windows 7, the drivers are pretty stable.
  2. You could try uninstalling it all and starting again with manual downloads of the latest drivers from line6.com.
  3. Gaz_Ham

    pod farm 2 not working

    You have a toneport ux, these usually cone with podfarm 1 or gearbox. Try downloading and installing podfarm 1.
  4. Gaz_Ham

    cubase 10 et ux1

    The toneport should work with windows 10. There are drivers available here; https://line6.com/software/index.html Cubase 10 doesn't support 32bit plug ins. There's a work around for podfarm 2, below, but you may only have podfarm 1 or gearbox licence with the toneport, you would have to check if they have 64 bit compatibility and follow a similar process in the link below. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=132801
  5. Its likely they are still waiting or are slow to process the order. Im sure they will make good eventually
  6. Gaz_Ham

    Driver for UX2

    https://line6.com/software/ Here's the link to the download page. Pick your hardware and operating system in the drop down menus and the latest drivers will be top of the list
  7. It might be worth chasing them anyway you can. These things do take time, but i would chase it every week
  8. If you are new, give the troubleshoot a go. Most common problems are solved through this. If still nothing, let us know more symptoms/details of the problem
  9. Gaz_Ham

    Pitch shift when recording

    It sounds like the samle rate/bit depth settings. Download the advanved user guide and look at section 3•1 onwards https://uk.line6.com/support/manuals/podstudioux2
  10. Im pretty sure its just to use with the amp and has no ability to be used as an audio interface
  11. The process is essentially the same on all Daws. As long as you have set the input on your Daw as line6 ux1 asio driver you should be good.
  12. Gaz_Ham

    Line 6 device not connected

    You might be best to open a support ticket with line6 directly. Give that a try
  13. Give this a go first
  14. On the underside or back device there should be a sticker with the serial number and such on there. Once you have registered that to your account you should getthe option to download cubase. You can drop line6 a message, they have issued licenses for old units before from what i have read on the forums here
  15. You try rolling back the last update or running podfarm through compatibility mode, which may confirm if it's the update or some obsure setting?