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  1. Gaz_Ham

    Line 6 POD Studio Ux2

    Have you created an account at line6.com? There, you will need to registeter your ux2 and your pc to the account, then log in to line6 licence manager on your pc. This should activate podfarm. Is it a red toneport ux? or a black podstudio ux?
  2. So it won't authorize on either pc? Assuming you have registered your new pc to your account at line6.com, and removed the old one, it should work. The quickest way may be a support ticket and take it up with line6, that's something they can sort out pretty qpuickly.
  3. Have you tried manually downloading the drivers, from the software section at line6.com? Sometimes it just doesn't work when using line6 monkey
  4. You might be best to contact line6 directly, via a support ticket, at line6.com. Log in to your account and open a support ticket. They will be able to add a license for podfarm to your account.
  5. Gaz_Ham

    UX2 Mic Inputs Crackling. Help!

    Give the troubleshoot a try, most problems I've encounteted have been solved by working my way through.
  6. Ok. So you want to turn down the volume on the input from the helix? So you only hear it when you switch the monitor function on in your DAW?
  7. Ok, im not 100% on what you hope to achieve. i purposely chose speakers which had a volume control, when im recording, i turn the speakers down or off and work through headphones, that are plugged in to the ux.
  8. Is the monitor function of your DAW switched off?
  9. Ok. Do you have any other daws installed that you could test the ux against? If its the same using another, the problem is likely the toneport/settings, if not, its probably something to do with configurations in reaper. Have you tried adjusting the buffer in the line6 audio tab in your computers control panel?
  10. Have you set up the ux as instructed by line6? There shouldn't be any noticable latency. Can you explain your full set up?
  11. Whaat driver do you have selected in reaper?
  12. Uninstall everything and start again. What operating system do you use?
  13. Have you checked garage band vst settings?i occasionally have to reset them when windows updates.
  14. This might be one for help directly from Line6. Log into your account at line6.com and open a support ticket.