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    Give this a try first
  2. Its possible that, or something else in the hardware chain is the cause. I use a cheap and cheerful neewer unit, with no problems. Definatly the first thing to check
  3. I've never used a hd500x, and my experience us pretty much limited to mulit tracking with podfarm, so i may not be able to help much. Perhaps you have to set another input and assign it to another track in Audicity, instead of it mixing in with your guitar sound?
  4. I've not used Audicity, but there must be an import audio function so you can import mp3's.
  5. Yes there should. If you turn the +18db boost off and the mic gain/track volume down to mid way and turn up the output of your preamp. Your input volume is so high, it will be picking up any background noise and amplifying it
  6. Just add a preamp into the effects chain and you are good to go. I use a preamp, delay and compressor
  7. If you don't have any luck here, try the helix section of the forum. The answer may well be there already
  8. I could any suggest working through the list of things in the troubleshoot. Thats all line6 will tell you to do first if you contact them. Give it a go then see if anyone has any ideas, failing that, you'll have to run the gauntlet that is contacting line6 directly.
  9. Gaz_Ham

    PODfarm with AT2035

    You could post the problems in your native language and i can use google to translate it. Perhaps we will get a clearer sense of what your troubles are.
  10. Gaz_Ham


    https://uk.line6.com/software/index.html Inupt your hardware( ux1) and your OS type and press search. The drivers should be top of the list
  11. Go to https://uk.line6.com/support/manuals/podfarm/ And download the Podfarm 2 Advanced User Guide. Then scroll to chapter 3•2 and read onwards. If you are using Podfarm as a plug-in, as it sounds that you are you, need to open the Line6 AudioMidi Device and select what input you want. Set a copy of it to your desktop for easy access. If you are using Podfarm stand-alone, the option to select input is in the mixer view. Failing that, you need to read up on how to select input in garageband.
  12. I've never heard of it. What would be the use of doing so?
  13. Gaz_Ham

    UX2 No firmware after Update...

    Give this a try
  14. Gaz_Ham

    Static pop

    How did swapping usb ports go?
  15. Gaz_Ham

    TonePort GX Speakers

    You csn use active pc speakers. I use Logitech z337 through my ux1. Mdke sure you set the gx as your output in your cimputer settings