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  1. You would set up as per the recommended set up, but connect the speakers to your pc speaker out, then under the playback tab of your sound settings, you choose your speakers, instead of the ux1/ux2 option.
  2. Im not well informed on room acoustics, but if you insulated the corner behind your desk/mic it would have a similar effect to the reflection filter. A friend of mine has a similar problem, his reflection filter helps, but still gets some unwanted noise from the room and is planning on insulating one corner of his room. Thinking about it, the issue with operating systems has only affected the line6 hardware/drivers, not Podfarm its self.
  3. Assumimg your setup already works, adding podfarm should be fine. I would say i will be a great addition to your setup. Videos ive seen online of people using it this way look promising. What operating system/version do you use? As for the room reverb, it would be best to try and kill it before processing, its easier to add to than to take away from the sound, i find. A cheap second hand reflection filter may do the job.
  4. I don't know, sorry. Im not very technical or knowledgeable about these things, i only have a basic working knowledge of Podfarm. I try to help out because the guys here have always helped me out when im in a bind.
  5. Have you tried turning down the output dial in the top right hand corner of the stand-alone interface?
  6. Gaz_Ham

    Ux2 iPad mini 4

    This is only a users forum. Questions are best answered by line6, via a support ticket. Log in to/create an account at line6.com and open a support ticket.
  7. I would suggest Windows 7 if you are going back to Windows. The drivers are pretty stable with 7, but less so with Windows 10
  8. Do you have podfarm 1 or 2? I believe the toneports come with podfarm 1, which isnt available as a plug-in. You would need to upgrade to podfarm 2
  9. You would be best to open a support ticket with line6, explaining the situation. They will be able to reauthorize the device to your new account or help you with the old account. Log in to your new account, at line6.com and on the account page, there will be a a section saying about opening a suppirt ticket
  10. You log in to your account at line6.com and re-register the ux2 to your new pc. Any add ons you might have purchased will be to your account, so they will work as long as you re use the same account
  11. Gaz_Ham

    License authorisation

    Did you log into license manager since all the trouble?
  12. It is very important. The sound quality will be immediately noticeable when you switch over. A better microphone will be needed too
  13. Gaz_Ham

    UX2 unusable on MacOS Sierra!

    https://line6.com/support/announcement/91-certain-line-6-devices-not-detected-on-macos-10133-with-current-public-driver-v767/ Have a look here first
  14. You need some kind of DAW (digital audio workstation). Then import the song you want to play over on one track and the record on another track and the DAW will play them back. Most DAW's are a pain to learn how to use, initially, but once you have figured it out, a whole world of possibilities open up to you. I hear many good things about Reaper, it has a free trial. I still use Cubase 5, an older cheaper to buy version! I tried a newer version of Cubase , but it wasnt compatable with Podfarm plug-in. There are many tutorial videos on youtube for whatever DAW you choose.
  15. You probably just have podfarm 1 standalone in trail mode. If you xo2ukd take and post a screenshot of line6 lisence manager, that might help