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  1. You just need to add that device to your existing account. The only thing that may be affected is what amp models/ effects you will get with the free license for podfarm. But if you have purchased any model packs or podfarm platinum, they shouldn't be affected.
  2. The previous user needs to unregister it from their account and the you create an account at line6.com and enter the serial number on the sticker on tge underside of the unit, or on the original packaging. Make sure to correctly select either POD studio ux2 or TONEPORT ux2, this one fooled me for a whole day before i realised my mistake.
  3. It wont work with the usb. Try using just the xlr out with phantom power on your ux2, not a seperare source powering the mic. Assuming you have tested that the ux2 is setup/working correctly, you will be able to plug your mic in and confirm if its compatible with the ux2.
  4. Pretty much, yes. Have you another mic to test if the ux2 is functioning correctly. Can you hear any music/ sounds out of your speakers? Making sure the ux2 is operating correctly would be the first step. Using the standard xlr out on the mic should work.
  5. From what i see, it usually connects again after a day or 2.
  6. Gaz_Ham

    Installing software for my UX2

    https://line6.com/software/ Select your hardware, software and operating system in the drop down menus.
  7. Have you tried the ports in the back of the computer? What operating system and version are you using?
  8. I would say the more inputs you have, the better. If your hobby develops you might eventually want to upgrade. If you're going to keep using line 6, i would suggest the ux2, affordable second hand and enough inputs. If you are using Windows 10, i wouldn't recommend line6 interfaces, until they sort the drivers out. The focusrite scarlet seems to be a popular alternative
  9. You could always open a support ticket with line6, via your account page, while you wait for the community to help.
  10. Gaz_Ham

    UX2: problems

    I would love one if i had the spare cash, it looks like a big step forward from the ux
  11. Gaz_Ham

    UX2: problems

    I think the helix is the successor to the ux and podfarm. You could try looking into one of them.
  12. Gaz_Ham

    Moins d'amplis dans pod farm 2

    You will need to login to your account, via the line6 licence managers, to activate any upgrades for podfarm that you may have purchased. If not, you will be running the lite version that has restricted use. I hope this helps.
  13. Ok. Im out of suggestions, unless a more experienced user has anything to add, your only option may be to run tge gauntlet and open a support ticket with line6
  14. Perhaps even roll back the latest windows update