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  1. I didn't even know it had that function. i guess it mutes everything so you get no interference in the mic. The feature is redundant to me, i just turn the volume down and use headphones as a monitor.
  2. If the above post hasn't solved things, perhaps something as simple as monitoring the track in your DAW is causing the trouble. Check that you don't have the monitor function selected on the track you are recording on
  3. Gaz_Ham

    Pod farm gx

    Have you tried to download the drivers from line6 webpage? Or through line6 monkey? Sign in to your account at line6.com and download them.
  4. Gaz_Ham

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    I just looked for podfarm 1 and found the download.
  5. Gaz_Ham

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    You should only need to have 2 single channels if you want to mix 2 different sounds. If you simply select a preamp and a cab in a single effect chain, it should be in stereo.
  6. Is your ux still set up as your soundcard on your computers settings?
  7. You would need to select your pc playback device, not the gx. Check your computers sound settings
  8. Gaz_Ham

    Not Connected

    Have you tried this? This is the first thing to try if you haven't.
  9. The troubleshoot ofter fixes any gremlins. I recall a few posts lately about toneports and drivers, it might be the latest update.
  10. You could try installing an older driver and see if that sorts it
  11. Gaz_Ham

    Requesting a Custom Tone

    Try the customtone section of line6.com https://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=ALL+PRODUCTS&search_term=the+Beatles+
  12. Do you have another mic you could try? That would eliminate it as a possibility. Perhaps give the troubleshoot guide a go. It's always solved any problems I've had.
  13. Do you have a license for podfarm 1 or 2 with your ux1? You can set up using just a preamp and a cab. For recording acoustic, i usually use the line6 piezscoutic2 amp on podfarm 2
  14. Gaz_Ham

    ux1 macOS Mojave

    Give this a try if you haven't already. If so, try and manually download the drivers at line6.com and install that way
  15. Pehaps you could reinstall the previous drivers? If it isn't broken, don't fix it, i say. I haven't updated mine since install.