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  1. So sometimes my UX2 just makes a really loud ping/static/weird sound thats very loud, even if i unplug my microphone it still produces this sound but none of the levels are shown to be going up even on podfarm or my actual interface. i recently just upgraded to windows 10 and have had weird issues like my mic just gets super deep and bassy
  2. after switching to windows 10 my microphone still makes a very loud buzz/ring/static sound even if i unplug my microphone from the ux2. did you find a fix to this?
  3. I just upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7, not a fresh install. And my mic keeps sounding very deep/bassy, the only way iv been able to fix it is reinstalling podfarm. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it?
  4. the output shows its still hovering around 30ish. i hate my noise gate set to 60 thresh and 60 decay. but i noticed in a video with the same settings he had zero output with these settings and i dont think i have that much background sound.
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