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  1. I downloaded and installed the latest driver for the POD HD500x yesterday, I still have the issue where I can't pan my tracks.
  2. Hey dude, thanks for your reply. Are you recording a stereo track? I'm recording on mono tracks. I always did that without issues before. And when I switch the audio from the HD500x to let's say ASIO driver, the track is well panned and can only be heard from one speaker. Have you tried recording a left or right only track? I'm not sure that I know how to do so. Do you use Studio One ? Is it a balanced sound even if you pan one way 100% or is it only a slight sound in the opposite speaker? Seems like it's slightly off balance, there's a bit more sound in the speaker where the track is panned to. When I play both tracks (1 panned L and one panned R) with this issue, the result is weird, it sounds like a phaser or flanger effect (while there are only comp and eq inserts).
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently using my Pod HD500x as a soundcard for my Studio One 3 (Professional) setup and I'm experiencing an issue where panning tracks does not work. If I pan an audio track to the far left and switch off my left monitor, I still have sound from that track in my right monitor. This is happening since I got my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, so I assume the issue comes from there. I only using the Scarlett but I can't make it work for some reason. I think I may have unwillingly modified some settings but since I don't know much about DAW technicalities, inputs, outputs, sample rates and stuff, I just wanted to post it here to check if anyone knows what can cause this issue. Thanks for anyone stopping by !
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