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  1. Ok wow. I got it to work now! It seems that first you _must_ install the latest driver 7.3.7 (+ I also installed L6 monkey 1.68 and license manager 1.08). Then you use the commands what TheRealZap posted above to remove a part of the driver but _do not_ remove the driver files that are left behind (Which was what I was doing by using the instructions in the link I posted). And lastly you use the instructions in the 1st post to install the .pkg's in gearbox 3.72 (You probably cannot install the uninstaller or L2 monkey since a new version is already installed). Phew! The interesting thing is that when I check L6 monkey for the driver version, it says 7.3.7 :D Oh yeah: Thank YOU uslimey and TheRealZap! You are the greatest!
  2. I did that and also removed all the rest of the line6 related files using this guide. http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/78391/ After clearing the files from the new driver I got all the old driver files in the gearbox "Packages" folder to install without errors. It just seems that the old driver does not work with Yosemite. Can anyone confirm if they have gotten gearbox 3.72 to work using the method described in the 1st post?
  3. This doesn't seem to work on my macbook 5,1. I installed all .pkg -files in the "Packages" -folder and while I was able to install and run gearbox it does not find my X3 Live device. Also L6 monkey does not show any drivers installed for X3 Live.
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