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    LCD switches randomly to knobs view

    Hi, while playing I only want to see the view with the patch display. But apparently randomly the LCD switches to the Knob View (attached). Then back again. I didn't notice that before. Is something broken, or are the knobs getting old? Greetings, Fred
  2. fredfunke

    LCD switches randomly to knobs view

    Tried an workaround: utilities, set amp knobs display momentary: off. Not want I wanted (get off the randomly switch)..
  3. Hello, I want to use the spider to monitor my guitar on stage. The Sound is produced by my POD HD 500. All I've ever tested runs into a terrible sound with terrbile ambient noises coming from the POD (I hear the "pulse" of the 500's TAP): connect from phones (stereo) to Spider's guitar in or mp3 in connect from e.q. left channel 1/4" out to guitar in or mp3 in Relation guitar sound to noise is about one fifth.Pretty to much. I' prefer the guitar in because I can adjust bass/middle/treble and loudness using the knobs of the spider. Connecting to line input of a master mixing console doesn't produce these ambient noises!! Unuseable! How to combat the noises? The spider stands about 0.5 meters until 3m away - with no ponderable impact. Does someone use the same configuration: Guitar --> POD HD500 --> Spider IV 15 Regards, fred
  4. Found by myself: I have connected USB to PC too. Disconnect the USB reduces the noice to a level I could live with it. But - very strange!!!! Regards
  5. Hello, can I use the VDI connector (from JTV) to load patches via USB to the Spider IV 15? Or instad, the FBV must be used? regards, fred
  6. fredfunke

    Jtv's Vdi Connector For Spider Iv 15?

    hi @all, thanks for the hint. However, this is a pity. Suggests to the tone's website that it works http://line6.com/spideronline/tones/spideriv15/ ?! :wacko: regards, fredF
  7. Hi, is planned that it will work through a POD (HD 500)? I missed that feature :wacko: Please, do so! Before, I could the guitar play with only two cables connected and without battery. Now my feet stand in the midst of a cable confusion. This is a big step backwards! Regards, fred