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  1. didn't find this topic in this thread so i'll add it it seems to come from @dented42ford but he/she didn't posted it here ;) Slower than 1 bar tempo-synced modulation https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Slower-than-1-bar-tempo-synced-modulation/915281-23508
  2. thank you very much for the information! i didn't know about the ideascale thing ;) signed up and already found a similar idea and upvoted it ;) if anyone else comes across this topic and want this feature, here's the link ;)
  3. Hi everyone Just switched from a POD HD500 to a Helix LT this week cause the POD died on me and i have to say this is some astonishing piece of gear! The sound quality of the models (amp & fx) feels like a quantum leap compared to the HD500! Also the legacy FX models sound way better than on the POD! That said, there's one tiny thing i hoped would find its way into the Helix and that's longer note sync measurements! Currently there's a max for 1 bar at any given bpm and this is a bit limiting for sounds with e.g. long sweeps or pans. With the HD500 i sometimes dropped the bpm to 1/2 or 1/4 to achieve this, but since the bpm is limited to one digit after the dot, you'll eventually run out of sync with odd bpms like .25 or .35. Furthermore when you record with midi-sync, you can't drop the bpm for just one lane. So it would be very nice if Line 6 could add some longer sync in the next firmware update. For example: 2/1 (dotted, triplet) and 4/1 (dotted, triplet) But maybe it's a technical limit, or i'm such a unique guitar player (^^) that it's not worth the hassle to implement it, idk ;)
  4. it seems it's finally done!!! haven't updated yet but... happy modelling again...
  5. they are NOT free programms, they come packaged with the deal... the WB is pretty useless if you don't buy a Variax... you can also download drivers for free, they are useless without the hardware, and if someone who owns that hardware complains about the drivers not working as they did before, you can't tell them "shut up, they are free programms"
  6. to summarize this: jtv -> USB interface -> old WB => worked jtv -> HD500 -> old WB => worked jtv -> same USB interface -> new WB => works! jtv -> same HD500 -> new WB => does not work! and just in time as the HD500X is released... that can't be a coincidence! it's not a bug nor a limitation nor whatever, they cut the HD500 from the connection on purpose! this seems about right to me... they want us to trash the HD500 and buy a HD500X... i bet they will never make this available again or maybe only after they sold a certain amount of HD500X'... very sad and shamefull...
  7. it's obviously a bug since they stated in the description for the latest firmware release (2.20.00) i was going for limitation before but the word "workaround" clearly indicates a bug...
  8. totally agree with you... i'm definitley not gonna buy any more line6 gear in the near future nor will i recommend it to others... it's like microsoft would release a SP for windows 7/8 with all new enhancements after which you have to connect your printer through an XP emulation to continue printing... it's not like you can't print anymore but you have to technologically go back to do it... i specifically bought the hd500 because of this feature so i would not have a bunch of wires laying all over the place... and since they put the hd500x out you can't even sell the hd500 at a reasonable price anymore...
  9. i have to fight through all those strange days until it's close to me... if only tonight we could upgrade our firmware *sigh*... but it will come on another day, sinking into my pod... but for now, work has called and it's all coming to a grinding halt...
  10. lol, definitley... but when it finally comes down we will shiver and shake like the exploding boy on fascination street...
  11. almost seems like to wish impossible things... but i think only the birdmad girl knows... :P
  12. ah i see... thanks for the reply ;) i'll keep waiting in the kitchen sink... and the tap drips :P
  13. any updates on this subject??? could some line6 staff member please confirm or deny that they are working on this??
  14. i really hope they "fix" this soon... it's not a complaint, it's just eagerness for the sake of comfort... one of the reasons i bought a POD was that i was able to connect everything in a single chain, had no hassle with the battery status (power from the POD) and cables, and that i could set my variax patches to my POD patches... now there are way too many cables lying around... neverless, the HD models sound way better than the original ones imho, and being able to blend them with the physical pickups is just a dream...
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