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  1. Hello Phil--With your help, I was able to get just what I wanted! Compressor (FS1) --> Acoustic IR (FS2) -->FX Loop 1-->Optical Trem (FS3) -->Chorus (FS4) -->Reverb (FS5)-->Ext Amp (FS6) As near as I can tell, this places the Compressor and Acoustic IR before the amp and the Trem, Chorus, and Reverb in the FX loop of the Mesa Amp. Thank you so very much!
  2. Thank you, Phil. I don't have Send or Return blocks in the loop. I'll try to find how to configure those in the manual.
  3. Hello--still struggling with getting the four-cable method to work. I've followed the instructions from the manual, but that has only gotten me so far. Everything works except that it bypasses all of my amplifier controls other than the reverb. Any ideas?
  4. Update: I figured out item 2: it was necessary to add a volume block and then assign the pedal to it. So, please disregard that question.
  5. Hello! Thank you for reading this post and being patient with a newbie. I love the HX and was lucky to snag one from Musician's Friend for my birthday gift. I've run into two issues so far, and I'm sure that they are user error: 1) When I use the four-cable method, it bypasses the volume control on my amplifier (Mesa Boogie 5:25 Express Plus -- Serial FX Loop.) 2) I've plugged a Boss FV-500 H Expression Pedal into the Pedal 2 jack, but it doesn't have any effect on the volume. I suspect that both of these questions might have something to do with Signal Flow options? I'd appreciate any advice.
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