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  1. Can you set up the Helix to switch between patches instead of blocks with the foot switches?
  2. Ya I will hav eto try some of this stuff and see if i can get anything to work right
  3. also I have it set up where the speakers are plugged into the headphones jack since i have the M Audio AV30s with the 1/8" connector that i have to use a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, I use the same set up for my headphones as well, I dont know if that has anything to do with anything?
  4. I just heard about DI boxes, would one of those possibly do me some good?
  5. I will try these this week, @stormstudios I was thinking the same thing because my friend has the HD Pro X and he says he gets no noise at his house but at mine he does...my house has knob and tube wiring and is from 1946 so I was thinking bad electrical
  6. i will check this as soon as i can, but just some information, when i record dry i dont hear the noise until after i slap an amp on it, but i will try to factory restore it
  7. ya I have but i dont really fully understand the hard gate in terms of frequencies and times in fact this is the tone i made here, it doesnt seem like he has alot of noise but i seem to always have noise no matter what i do haha
  8. So I keep getting this noise from my POD HD Pro and I've somewhat had this problem for a long time now, It makes it very hard to play or record with it. -it does it with my patches and some of the premade patches from the factory. -depending on the patch it may be a constant noise or patchy in and out noise. -when i palm mute especially it makes the noise. - it does it with my passive and active pickups in multiple guitars. -It also does it on a completely empty patch for when i want to record dry, as soon as I upload a patch from EZMix 2 it starts with that noise. I've tried disconnecting it from the computer, different speakers, differect cables, ive tried bringing it to a different outlet with just the pod and my guitar ad headphones and i still have the problem. so far nobody has given me any advice that has worked, the main answer I get is noise gates and I generally have 1-3 noise gates on at once, I'm trying to find some kind of solution, something that will work and not compromise my tone at all. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I AM LOSING MY MIND!!! http://soundcloud.com/scott-attaway-jr/badnoise
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