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  1. I checked everything, it is already i Match Studio/Direct Mode with 1/4 inch outputs. Still no sound
  2. My X3 is literally dying for reasons unknown !! There is no input even if I switch on the tuner. No Output at all. Nothing is working. I only get sound through my Aux input and only through phones output NOT through the LIVE L/R outputs.. This is awful. I reinstalled the firmware, calibrated all the switches and pedal...Nothing... Why is this happening line 6 ???
  3. While recording with my X3 Live in USB mode, the sound suddenly stopped and since then I don't see any input signals registering in my unit. Even in tuner mode, there is no activity and no signal going in. What could be the problem here ?
  4. Please help me out guys. While recording with my X3 live via USB my sound just suddenly dropped to half and then died. Now Im not getting any output and there seems to be no input signal. Even the tuner is not getting any input signal. Has something happened to my guitar input jack ? Or could this be a software issue ? Pls help out. I have a recording session in a few days.
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