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  1. IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! OMG! This is a little bit witchcraft nonesense but it worked! After 10 months of writing tickets to support and listening from every smartguy in helix fb groups that my high end pc is a piece of crap it actually worked! All kudos to You, Camelot_One. Tell me where can i send some good flask of anything to drink?! Line6 should throw money to you, seriously... tl;dr No disk0 at beginning of list - HX EDIT SOFT WILL NOT WORK. I just changed sata cables in mobo. so happy right now!
  2. Guys, i've got same problem from sepember 2019, when 2.80 has been released. Reinstalled whole system twice, formatted hard drives, tried different drivers for everything, including frameworks and other software. NO RESULT. 2.7 works fine, but up from 2.80 i see black screen in HX EDIT and in trial NATIVE also. Clearly this is a bug, and i am ignored in support tickets, l6 discussion group. I am really pissed right now, because i see this is clearly not fault of my cpu and much more people are ignored with this bug. How long we have to wait for solution???
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