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  1. Just upgraded to a Helix floor. Trying to recreate something i was able to do with the POD HD500X...that is create a patch using both the magnetic pickups and the models in the guitar. Ideally I'd have one signal path running the MAGS through an amp and a couple of effects. On the other path is an acoustic model running through a chorus and reverb. Then I want to be able to use the expression pedal to blend the mag path in and out of the acoustic path. So with the expression pedal all the way up or down, it would be the acoustic model, then as i move the pedal, the mag channel mixes in so i can control the amount of mag sound that gets mixed in. Thoughts?? And Thanks!
  2. Glad to hear all are safe at L6HQ! I have ordered the part through Full Compass. Thanks for all the advice and tips!
  3. THANK YOU!!! This was driving me nuts and the dummy plug was the magic solution! Now the Variax mags go to the 4-cable loop so that works as normal and if i want to layer in an acoustic or something, that goes straight to the PA/monitors!
  4. The cap/top of the model selector knob on my JTV-59 has popped off. Not the whole knob/dial, just the very top which is like a cap. It functions fine. I have lost this cap. Anyone know of a source for replacement knobs for this guitar? Thanks!
  5. I think mine is an original production model. I bought it a few years back but have really only ever used it with the POD.
  6. I thought that too. I was going to swap the jack assembly between the functioning 59 and the 69 to confirm but there's some finicky wiring in the 59 I don't want to disturb. So...the pull the knob out a bit trick has worked!! It was a clearance/contact issue. I am working on the paper fix but i can confirm that it is now working by pulling the knob away from the body. Thanks so much for the tips. You guys rock!!!
  7. Great tip! I will give this a try. However, I should note that once the models are functioning and I disconnect the VDI, I CAN toggle between mags and models which suggests the knob is far enough out to allow for toggling. But let me try what you are suggesting and report back! Cheers.
  8. Hi interwebs. Weird issue with my JTV-69. With the battery charged (the green indicator lights confirm it is), when i plug in a standard guitar cable, the models do not function. The passive pickups are fine but when I try to engage the models...nothing. If I plug in the VDI cable through my HD500, they engage and work fine and I can toggle between models and passive pickups. So with VDI still connected, I tried plugging in the 1/4 inch cable at the same time and then unplug the VDI and presto...the models stay working and functioning. So basically, in order to get the models mode working, I need to give it a boost by plugging into the POD via the VDI. The battery is fine as I swapped it into my JYV-59 and the models worked as they are supposed to with just a 1/4 inch plugged in. Anyone experienced this? Any fixes? Thanks!
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