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  1. Hi guys, I finally got a new line6 m9, my version is 1.0. I wanted to know, what improvements would have the update by 2:04? thanks
  2. done! thx actually the file has downloaded monkey alone! remembrance for those who read that the cable call out goes in and the in cable goes out! have a nice music! ciao
  3. try to restart or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mOK2KLlY1M hope it help u!
  4. hello to everyone! I would like to update my m9 with the latest update 2.04 but when I go to download the latest versionfrom line6 download, all my three computers do not read the firm. with the m13 was much easier and I succeeded. some advice, I need a different program perhaps? I know the way how I have do it, but dont read the download every time the flash memory send me this file: M7_Bflash_2_04_00....m9f but I can't use it! Thx for help
  5. hello sometimes my m9 effect changes alone. for example, are on the delays and she changes the distortion and runs all intents and purposes, then stops on any one. Any idea why it does? today did not do it, but I'm afraid to do it during a live :o
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