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  1. Let me begin this by saying I LOVE my Helix!!! It's awesome and I'm so thankful for Line 6 making such an incredible unit!!! But, if they make a Helix XT (or Double Helix ðŸ˜). I want the top and bottom paths to have double the DSP. Two exp pedals built on. 6-8 more footswitches. Touch screen display. An algorithm that completely smooth out the spikes in volume and timing warble when switching between drastically different snapshots. Input and output meters. A dedicated knob for Time (BPM Knob) that can be disabled for live play so you don't bump it. Pedals: A true polyphonic pitch shifter update for the Dual Pitch. Modulated Reverbs Amps: Boutique amps like Jackson or Morgan Just the little things... I really do love the Helix!!! And even just the 4 DSP Chips would be great!
  2. It would be cool if Line 6 came out with a Helix expansion pedal, to give us more buttons (snaps or stomps)! I really wanted to run 4 snaps and 4 stomps, but I've found that on a lot of songs(patches) I need 6 snapshots, so I run all snaps, but other songs I only need like 2 snapshots and it would be handy to have some stomp boxes. Another 6 switches (scribble strips and all) set to control stompboxes would be very handy!
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