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  1. Hey, I recently bought the POD HD and as I wasn't sure if I was gonna keep it I picked up the FBV Express just to try it out. I decided to keep it so I then bought the FBV MKii. I've managed to set up the POD with the MKii but there are certain things that don't seem to work properly: the ABCD lights work when I change patches, but when I turn any of the other stomp boxes on or off within a patch i.e. the Stomp, Modulation, Reverb, Delay buttons the lights don't turn on or off on the MKii. It switches them on and off on the POD but I keep having to look at the POD's LCD display to check, which is a bit annoying and kinda defeats the point of the MKii having lights or a screen. On top of this the light on the Delay switch is permanently on regardless of whether I step on it or not The "hold for tuner" button doesn't work, although the Tap Tempo light still blinks On the POD HD's settings page it still says "FBV Express" and then I can choose "On/Off" but there's not option for me to change the "FBV Express" bit. I'm bringing my laptop with me to the rehearsal room later today to see if the new firmware I downloaded will work, but the firmware update seemed to be more to do with using the MKii as a midi controller rather than controlling the POD HD. I also couldn't find any options within the POD HD editor software to change the pedal settings, although I did manage to move the different stomp boxes onto different switches, just the lights don't match up. If anyone has any experience with this type of problem I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks.
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