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  1. I'm also running MacOS 10.14.3 I was able to fix this by going to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy after running the driver installation and there was a prompt for me to allow the drivers. The next time I launched Monkey the drivers were marked as updated. I was then able to update the Firmware and Flash Memory (after a couple of failure messages saying my POD was disconnected, which wasn't the case).
  2. Hey All - I'm a new Line6 user and just recently purchased a POD HD500X. I can't install the drivers on my MacBook Pro. I've downloaded and installed License Manager and registered my laptop. I downloaded and installed Monkey and updated it to the latest version. Monkey is saying I'm missing drivers - along with USB Firmware - but whether I download and install the drivers via Monkey or manually from the downloads support section, after rebooting my laptop I'll open Monkey and will still be missing the drivers. Any thoughts?
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