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  1. Hi, So I just cant figure out after couple weeks of trying stuff how to get the stereo signal from the RCA input to come out of both L3T's when connected to each other with L6 Link as well as the right one(which also has RCA plugged in) going to my POD HD PRO X. If I unplug the POD's L6 the speakers have a b on the dispay(both i know). When the POD is plugged in, they have a 1 and 2 respectively. Shouldnt they be R/L or L/R or i dont even care. Where are my settings wrong? I just want to hear my backing tracks through both speakers in stereo and play along with HDPRO. This is the entire reason I bought these expensive speakers was to play louder than my 8inch Monitors. I am pretty upset with the 2 grand I spent thus far and figuring this out. They sound great yes. But not exactly user friendly so far. My HD Edit is updated also to the newest and greatest.
  2. Just wondering. If I cannot get my way and figure out the l6 link thing, why not go from the pod hd pro X out of its left and right xlr ports and into the xlr port on back panel of each l3t left/right respectively? Is it best to go into both side connectors of one and send to the other via l6 link. Does it matter either way? I have gone out into the back panel using this method from my interface just to try it out already. I guess there are so many ways to set it up. I do want to clarify. I think the speakers are great they are loud and clear and really nice all around. And sound plenty good to me. They are no atomic clr's but they are just about as good as far as I'm concerned and u can do a whole lot more with them. I think the main reason I really want the l6 link to work is so I can get a variax and use the presets to switch around modes like acoustic and such. But as u mention above kinda wouldn't be doing that if plugged into RCA with backing tracks or anything. I still have yet to see an L and r on the panel though. It's either a b or 1&2. The b shows up when it's unplugged from the pod and the 1&2 show up connected.
  3. jbstudtm

    Pod Hd 500 Pro & L3t Stereo

    Was your issue ever solved? No one ever answered u. I have been trying to work out this same thing with my pod hd PROX and 2 l3ts. Have submitted ticket and no answer yet from line 6. Pretty frustrated that I have 3 grand in gear that isn't working as advertised with l6 link.
  4. So let me restate my setup. By everyone's answers it seems there is confusion. Ok: guitar into POD HD PRO X, POD into l3t #1 via l6 link, l3t #1 connected to l3t #2 via l6 link from 1's out into 2's in. I have a stereo RCA plug hooked to sound source(laptop/mp3 player) hooked into the RCA plug of l3t #1. So according to the marketing by line 6 as well as the manual. I should be getting stereo sound in both l3ts from both my pod hd pro x as well as from the RCA input that is plugged into #1 and should be being sent to #2 via the l6 link. NO WHERE does it say in the manual that you must have them both connect together via two l6 link cables. It clearly states that u only need to connect the l6 link to automatically send the stereo signal to other speaker. Well that is not happening. I can get sound out of both l3t's via the RCA plug only when I unplug the POD. And it still isn't stereo. I They switch to a B for both not an L and R for left and right just as the manual says. When the pod is connected they change to 1 and 2 not L and R. Is it just me having this problem or is the marketing by line 6 false advertising? They say you can hook up pods via l6 link but the. Nothing else works that they market as working together? Like I stated before I am a little ticked at having $3000 in stuff sitting here that isn't working as advertised. I could have bought any old PA speakers if all I wanted to do was run it into analog plugs. I bought this darn thing because of l6 link and possibilities to expand.
  5. Anyone? This is really annoying. Basically have about $3000 in equipment sitting there not working properly.
  6. The RCA stereo cable IS plugged into number one. There as advertised the speaker should be sending it to speaker 2 via the l6 link. It doesn't do that though when I plug the l6 from pod into the 1 speaker though. If I unplug it though from the pod it instantly switches to a B. And the sound comes out of both. So your answer didn't actually answer any of my questions. Thanks for responding though.