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  1. This is my stack, but don't be fooled...the top cab isn't just a cab. It's the combo DT25. This means I have a back up should my head play up & I can run both together via L6 link if I want to 'up the power'. Usually, I just run the 4 ohm outputs from the head into both cabs & don't even switch the combo on, so I just use the combo's speaker, not its amp. I had to order a longer cable for the combo's built in speaker to reach the 4 ohm output on the head as the factory cable isn't long enough, but it's worth it. Lots of options for lots of different gig scenarios. P.s - don't tell my wife. She thinks the top speaker is just the normal cab. She'd go nuts if she lifted the head and saw all those buttons! ;)
  2. I have to agree with Morth. I have two DT25's (combo and head w/cab) and I love them. But....I bought a HD300 with the hope that I can use it to control more variations of the 4 inbuilt voices/tones the amp itself knocks out; without the restrictions of just channel A or channel B. I want 4 or 5 variations of the built in tones, easily switchable at my feet. I don't want to have to dial in the tone for the next song at the gig. When I use the HD300 via L6 Link, it adds an extra something that I don't want. The tones in the Pod do not match the tones in the amp. Neither in name (when you sync up with HD300 edit) or in sound. The only way to get rid of the unwanted extra processing the HD300 has is to bypass the 'amp' footswitch which automatically dumps me on to channel B on the amp and is un-saveable as preset in the Pod. All I want is: 3 settings with various levels of drive in the 'British Crunch' voice on the amp. and 2 settings with various levels of drive in the 'Modern High Gain' voice on the amp. The HD300 doesn't do that.
  3. Agreed. You can't beat the convenience of having your knobs staring back at you! I do exactly the same. One head on top of 2 cabs. Solid as a rock.
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