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  1. I've got a Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII that I'm using with my legacy Line 6 HD147. I want to know how I can get one of my Function 1/2 buttons on the FBV to turn on/off my HD147 effects loop? Line 6 Monkey shows I've got v1.10 flash memory, v1.70 Line 6 Monkey, and v1.04 Line 6 FBV Control installed on my Windows PC. The FBV is connected to the Windows PC via USB.
  2. My original FBV Shortboard has started wigging out whenever I hold the tuner or bank up/down buttons. I opened it up and attempted to clean it but I'm not improving the situation. The pedal works except for that. I've opted to upgrade to the FBV MKII Shortboard. The question is what is going to happen to all of my user pedal configurations? Should I expect to have to start all over? Are the user banks/patches all stored on the pedal or the amp? Also, anyone have any idea how the function pedals exactly work with the HD147? Thanks.
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