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  1. When I go to search for matching tones I get an error message invalid token
  2. I had the same thing. The hum was coming from my wall A/C plug it was on the same circuit as my ceiling fan. When I turned the fan off the hum went away. Check your helix in a different outlet.
  3. That work!!! fantastic thanks alot.
  4. Do i use send 1 or return 1
  5. Do i use send 1 or return 1
  6. Cool I'll give it a try thanks
  7. Please help I can't wrap my head around this. I used the 4 cable method. Here's my problem I have an amp with no clean channel I would like to use this amp without modeling for the dirty. Than model a clean amp from the helix using just the power section. Can this be done and how.
  8. I have the same amp have you tried using the helix for just effects. And if so how did you wire it
  9. Let me see if I understand if I wanted to use the helix for effects only I can connect the output of the helix to the effects return. This let's me use it as a pedal board. Then do you plug your instrument into the input of the amp or to the guitar in of the helix. Of course there would be no amp or cab in the helix chain. So it would be only one cable out of the helix.
  10. I did use the midi with a m13. I thought the helix had the option to make a switch momentary or latching.
  11. Thanks I thought I could use a TRS cable. I thought tip to sleeve or ring to sleeve or tip and ring to sleeve would work I'll try the midi.
  12. Does anybody know how the 50 watt EVH5150III footswitch signals send I would like to use the helix to control channel switching. Also the new LBX 15 watt
  13. It would be great if we can create a block and save it on the app. Then copy and paste to a patch. I put it in ideascape
  14. I put it in the idea scale I also put another for patch block saving in the app so we can copy and paste
  15. higs16

    Helix Eb tuning

    The whammy worked great!! Thanks
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