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  1. I agree... way to move the industry forward!!! I’m glad that you are here!!! :)
  2. That's what I have been doing from day one is uding the full amps (minus the cabs) it's been working fine , I was just curious as to why they wouldn't be unity with the pre's
  3. So I use the helix primarily as a preamp through my fryette ps-2 and Marshall 4x12. My question is why are the preamp models at a much lower volume that the amp models. At practice volumes they are unusable without cranking my power section. This was the same when I went through the effects return on my 6505 + . Am I missing something here? Maybe the line 6 guys can shed some light/tricks on this one. Thanks
  4. I just picked one up and it's more giving to the amp models , in a good way
  5. This makes me soooooooooooo happpppyyyyyyyyy
  6. Be kind, it's just a sample and recorded on My phone, tweaked it for an hour and a half. a/b it till I was happy with it. But I got it very close. Enjoy and more to come, sorry for the crappie audio https://youtu.be/RWjm6MMXSRo
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