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  1. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Hi DeanDinosaur! The problem comes when I have to switch between these sound with only one button. I don't want to do tip-tap because with my band I need really fast switching when I'm doing quite complicated stuff and I can't manage to press two or more buttons in a row.
  2. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    This is like my POD HD500 works, right? The point is that I have 5 main sounds (1) clean; 2) clean+delay; 3) crunch; 4) distorted; 5) distorted+delay) and I need to switch between them (in no specific order) with only 1 foot-press and mantaining the delay trails if I come from a sound with delay. Very simple. This is possible with other machines of this (or lower) price-tag but at the moment this seems impossibile with Helix. This is very frustrating because, otherwise, the Helix seems the best multifx on the market. I really hope you can fix this because to me this is a very important/basic feature. Anyway thanks for your kind reply.
  3. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Can I have more details about the switching options within the single preset? Is there a mode/option when I press fs1 (that of course engages some effects loaded in the preset) and then when I press fs2 other effects are activated and fs1 deactivates automatically with its effects? Thanks.
  4. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Pod HD500 suffers big lags (and silence) through patches with only effect loaded (no amps) and every digital multifx lags a bit at the patch change. I think is impossibile to have this 100% solved. Line6, you did a great job but please really consider include the "scene" mode from the launch or at least assure it will come with in an early update: it will solve _all_ the problems regarding lags an spillovers and it is only a matter of software programming! With 32 effects per patch the "scene" mode will be top notch and it will make this a killer machine.
  5. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    My biggest concern too. Please consider to insert delay tails or a proper "scene" mode ad launch. To me this is crucial to decide if buy or not the Helix.
  6. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Do they only toggles from the previous state (as the pod HD) or can you set "ON" or "OFF"?
  7. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Great! Yes, I immagined because also my pod hd500 can do this but I would like to know the inverse... in other words, if I can assign the on/off on 1 effect to more than 1 footswitch. For esample: I load a patch with only one overdrive and one delay. I would like to set it up like this: fs1: overdrive on; delay on fs2: overdrive off; delay off fs3: overdrive on; delay off fs4: overdrive off; delay off With the pod HD is not possible. Is this possible with Helix? Wow, another great feature! Thankyou so much, Flavio
  8. Dr_Flak

    Helix FAQ

    Question 1: can I use one of the loop with the "pre" section of my guitar combo (aka: 4 cables method)? Are the loops designed to work also this way or I will experience big ground loops and noise? Question 2: In footswitch mode can I associate che on/off status of each effect to more than one footswitch or I'm limitet to associate the on/off status to only one footswitch as I am with the Pod HD? Thanks!
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