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  1. Hello! I have the chance to buy a JTV-59 and I love the body style but I want to make sure that it has the same capabilities as the shuriken. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences other than body style?
  2. Brodenkirk

    Helix DI track

    Hey! I am currently using my helix as my interface to record guitar tracks into Logic. I am wondering if there is a way to record a DI track along with my regular dirty track? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to create a blank preset with no effects or a true bypass without having to double tape my preset button when in screen mode. I am using midi to switch channels on my 5150 iii. I would just like a quick way to switch to my distortion channel and have no effects on it.
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