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  1. austone12

    Firmware 2.6 HD PRO X Global EQ not working?

    OK... I was probably mistaken but I was under the impression that I 'acquired' the firmware update while purchasing the new HD Model Packs, http://line6.com/store/downloads/hdmodelpacks?cart_action=add_item&store_items_id=355&method=purchase but you're saying that the firmware update was a separate 'free' upgrade.... well in that case I would say that they way Line 6 have marketed this whole release of the new models implied that to get the new functionality (Global EQ) I would also need to purchase the new HD models.... and then it doesn't work with L6 Link anyway which was never mentioned ... I may have acquired the new models anyway but it wasn't clear, at least to me, that that the firmware upgrade was free.
  2. austone12

    Firmware 2.6 HD PRO X Global EQ not working?

    IF the Global EQ really doesn't work with the L6 LINK outputs, I am not going to be happy.... because as far as I can tell this was not made clear in any of the Line 6 promotional material before I paid out my hard earned for the firmware 2.6 update.
  3. austone12

    Version 2.0 Hd Update

    Yes I agree this is a pain. Can we please have connecting/editing the guitar to the computer via the POD back ASAP ..... I don't want to have to connect the guitar separtately, it was so much more convenient to just have the one connection from the POD to the computer and then just plug the Variax into the POD...