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  1. edsaysrawr

    Help! Sv Malfunction!

    So the other day i was working on some tones for my SV MkII 212 thru SVMkii Edit and everything was going fine And then the next day when i turned on my amp i had VERY LOW SOUND. I made sure everything was connected and i even bought new tubes (the old tubes were about a year old). I cant figure out why its not as loud as it should be. I factory reset the Amp and still have the same problem! HELP I highly doubt its a speaker problem because i never push the amp to hard. Has anyone had this problem before? Your time is much appreciated
  2. edsaysrawr

    Switching Tubes

    Hey there I've had my SV mkii 212 for about 3 months now. I bought it used in great condition, And ive noticed that its not as loud as it use to be. Its time to change tubes I Want To Hear Your Opinion before i make it up my mind Im thinking of getting a pair of Winged SED 6l6GC and a pair of Tung Sol 12ax7 Should i Get the Stock Tubes or should i get these high end Tubes? I know its going to change my tone a bit. Has anyone tried this? What were your results? What tubes did you put in your sv mkii? Thank you for your time