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  1. So the other day i was working on some tones for my SV MkII 212 thru SVMkii Edit and everything was going fine And then the next day when i turned on my amp i had VERY LOW SOUND. I made sure everything was connected and i even bought new tubes (the old tubes were about a year old). I cant figure out why its not as loud as it should be. I factory reset the Amp and still have the same problem! HELP I highly doubt its a speaker problem because i never push the amp to hard. Has anyone had this problem before? Your time is much appreciated
  2. Hey there I've had my SV mkii 212 for about 3 months now. I bought it used in great condition, And ive noticed that its not as loud as it use to be. Its time to change tubes I Want To Hear Your Opinion before i make it up my mind Im thinking of getting a pair of Winged SED 6l6GC and a pair of Tung Sol 12ax7 Should i Get the Stock Tubes or should i get these high end Tubes? I know its going to change my tone a bit. Has anyone tried this? What were your results? What tubes did you put in your sv mkii? Thank you for your time
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